Sunday, 30 September 2012

Perfume Wishlist

It's time for a new perfume. Here is my current wish list: 
1. Miss Dior Cherie - Christian Dior
2. London - Victoria Secret
3. Daisy - Marc Jacobs 
4. Candy - Prada
5. Roberto Cavalli - Roberto Cavalli
6. Manifesto - Yves Saint Laurent

Which one do you guys think I should buy?

I will let you all know which one I end up choosing.

Yours Truly,

Mickey Boots

Monday, 10 September 2012

New In: Michael Kors Watch

So I let you know about my night out at Vogue Fashion's night out in London but I never mentioned if I bought anything. 
So here it is the beautiful Michael Kors watch that I couldn't resist that evening and just had to buy it. To be honest I had wanted one for quite a while now but never got round to actually buying it so with a little help from the champagne that evening it was a done deal. 
The only upsetting point about buying the watch was that I saw it on ASOS for £199 which was a little cheaper than what I actually paid for the watch, but let's face it, its all about the shopping experience, does anyone agree with me ? 

£229 @ Michael Kors, Bond Street Store

Photo @ Micaela Pereira

Friday, 7 September 2012

Fashion's Night Out London 2012

One of my favourite nights of the year: Vogue Fashion's Night Out!

Finally this year, I managed to get the night off work which was great so I planned with two of my girlfriends to head to Bond Street in London for the event.

Not only was it an amazing experience but us girls managed to get ourselves a little tipsy, just a little. But what I loved the most was the shopping experience whilst socialising and drinking champagne, definitely a must for next year again. It was also a great night to network, meet important people in the fashion world and gain inspiration for future projects and ideas. 

The only downside was my feet at the end of the night were absolutely killing me, I guess it was a bad idea to wear stiletto heels to the event, next year I will wear comfortable heels for sure!

For all you fashion lovers out there wherever you may be you should definitely try and attend this fashion night that is hosted every year in September! The night is hosted in many cities across the world so don't miss out ladies and gentlemen (it applies to you both!). 

@ Mango in Regents Street, London