Monday, 7 April 2014

Bang On

I'm back!! 

It feels like forever since I last blogged. I must admit I have been so busy with my new job at Jimmy Choo (I'll explain later, I promise) and soon moving home that I have neglected this blog completely, but I promise I am here to stay and update you guys the most I can on what's happening in the life of Mickey Boots. 

To be honest, I do try my best to be fashion-forward and in trend to the best I can however sometimes you just need to twist the rules a little to be truthful to your own personal style. I mean, that is what makes us all different, or this world would be pretty dull. Here I am wearing my new favourite faux leather pants (a must have for the winter months!) with a summer Japanese style kimono which you guys must be familiar with since I have worn this garment before in previous posts, what can I say I just love it so much! It's probably one of my top 10 favourite items from my wardrobe! 

Kimono - Zara | Faux Leather Pants - Zara | Handbag - Prada | Necklace - Mango | Shoe Boots - Asos | Waistbelt - Asos | Watch - Michael Kors | Birthstone Ring - Pandora | Sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs

I don's usually mix summer and winter garments together but this time around I just wanted to add some edginess to my outfit. I absolutely love this entire outfit and it was super comfortable to explore London on a fine sunday. Ok, ok so maybe a couple of hours later after wondering the National Gallery and exploring Convent Garden I quickly changed into ballerinas, London is enormous and I did walk around a lot (well, thats what I tell myself anyway). 

On this fine Sunday morning, a little bit chilly I might add, I met with one of my best friends Mikki to catch up and do some exploring through some of London's best museums. We started off at the National Art Gallery in Trafalgar Square, which is one of my all time favourite galleries and then went for some afternoon tea and CAKE! 

We found this really cute cafe near Covent Garden where we stopped for a while to indulge in not only cake but also catch up on each other's lives. The cafe was called BB Bakery, below you can find the link to their website:

BB's was super cute, and the atmosphere was great (very fashionista), it is probably my new favourite hotspot to meet with friends for tea in London plus the carrot cake is to die for, literally!

After eating our lives away in so much sugar we headed to the Science Museum in Kensington. I had actually never been before so it was so exciting, I felt like a 10 year old on a school trip. The science museum has so much to offer including many interactive activities, so if your ever in London and fancy doing something a little different, I would head straight there.

I guess we were on a roll to explore as much as we could into one day, so straight after the Science Musuem we headed to the Victoria & Albert Museum which is also another of my favourite museums. We walked around for a while exploring the fashion section until we decided to sit down in the V&A cafe which is so cute and had some afternoon soup before heading to the bookshop which has the most fabulous collection of fashion books! The V&A bookshop is probably my favourite bookstore in all of London when hunting a good fashion related book, I could be there for hours.

A couple of hours later, I arrived home with tired legs and one extra fashion coffee table book to add to my collection. In Vogue - An Illustrated History of the world's most famous fashion magazine. I had been searching for this book for so long so it was a relief when I found it at the V&A. I can finally rest now that I have this beauty in my hands!! 

Thank you for reading and I promise to update you with more posts soon.

Yours truly,

Mickey Boots