About Me

Hey, Ola, Bonjour, my name is Micaela Solange. Some call me Mickey others Mica but for you guys I would like you to remember me as Mickey Boots. I come from a small town called Boassas in Northern Portugal however have been living in England for the past 17 years of my life and am currently living the life in the big city (London). My all-time dream is to make it BIG in the fashion industry, my end goal is to become a creative director for a fashion publication, which might I add is very competitive but with hard work is achievable. I want to be memorable and to make a difference. Of course my passion is fashion, I consider myself to be trendy and stylish, well at least I try my best. 
I like writing, with a little bit of humour of course. I am currently in my third year of university at London Metropolitan University studying Fashion Marketing. The last and final year, Im both excited and sad to finish university but can't wait to see the opportunities that await me. 
I consider this blog to be a personal blog in which shows my interests, travels and personal style. It's like an online personal space that expresses the person that I am however having an international based audience. I hope you guys like it and please do not hesitate to comment, any feedback is much appreciated and can even help me make my blog better.
 For now I am a dreamer with many ambitions, lets hope these ambitions become achievements one day. 

Thank you for checking out my blog!

Yours Truly,