Tuesday, 28 February 2012

21 At Last!

Better late than never, like my mother always says...
Its been almost a month since I turned 21, however havent been able to share with you my experience.
Turning 21 was pretty much like turning 20 or 19 but of course now I can go to America and gamble and drink but overall not much difference.. Apart from now I actually consider myself to be an adult.. Yay for me!!
I celebrated my 21st birthday with all my beautiful London friends by going out to a bar in west London.. It was truly an unforgettable night and thank you so much for those beautiful friends that managed to come along, which might I add was much more than expected!! Which is great!!
I didn't manage to take a proper photo of my outfit for the night because it was such a rush but as you can see from the photo above I wore a little red number, which is now one of my favourite dresses in my waredrobe, simple yet so elegant!! Bought it off ASOS in case any of you are wondering..
Then the actual day of my birthday I spent with family.. A relaxing day but I loved it also.. Above is a picture of my birthday cake that my mum bought from a Portuguese Bakery in London, it was so good!!
And the final picture for this post, me and my two beautiful parents!! I love them so much and miss them a lot especially now that I am living in Barcelona.
Overall I had an amazing birthday, I got everything I asked for, well all most everything and spent it with the people I care about the most, that's the most important of course.

Keep tuned in for more posts guys,

Yours truly,

Mickey Boots

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