Thursday, 7 February 2013

Shoe Obsessed

In the corner of my room there is a pile of shoes that keeps growing and growing with no place to be stored. My obsession with shoes only gets greater by the years and honestly I would rather give up chocolate than stop buying shoes. Clothing and shoes are my guilty pleasures, but shoes in particular. I expect by the age of 30 to have at least 100 pairs and honestly I am almost there at 22. My mother suggested the other day that I should get rid of some, I looked at her in disgust and said "getting rid of some of my shoes would be like loosing my right arm - painful". How many of you out there feel the same as I do? 
In the space of a week, I managed to buy myself 3 AMAZING pairs of shoes! Some of you are probably thinking what the hell, I know! But I honestly couldn't resist the Zara sale, get yourselves there now! I promise you won't leave disappointed!

Red beauties - £6.99 - Zara (the cheapest pair of heels I have ever bought in my life!) 

Leather leopard print ankle boots to die for only £19.99 - Zara

Beautiful red peep-toes only £9.99 - Zara (You have probably noticed by now that red is my favourite colour) 

Let me know what you think of my purchases and do me a favour get yourself to Zara now!

Yours truly,

Mickey Boots 



  1. Babe I've just seen your blog!! Didn't know you had one...How's eveything?? I made myself one as well...still i'm not very sure about it but it was something i really wanted to do..take a look and tell me what u think..i love yours..and your shoes! u'r crazy <3

    I really hope you'r doing well! XX miss ya


  2. Wow! That was a great deal! And all the shoes are amazing!:D

    Check my blog and if you like it, maybe we can follow each other on GFC :)

  3. 9,99? Where did you bought?

    Love it :)

  4. Zara Sale my lovely!! :) They have an incredible discount on shoes, check it out :)