Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Off to Portugal

The time has finally come for my return to my beautiful country which I love dearly; Portugal. 
I have everything packed and am ready for take off! My outfits are planned out, accessories and make up ready and cameras and phones charged; couldn't be more organised! Let's not forget the moment important of all, the passport; which might I add is already in the handbag also.
I'm only going for 2 days, but I guess that is better than nothing of course. I am flying out on TAP Portugal and coming back to London with Ryanair. I promise that I will take a lot of photos so when I come back I can post them on here and let you know about my short trip back home.

My sunnies are packed, let's hope there's some sunshine and book prepared for the flight. Oh and of course my seductive red lipstick, can't forget that one. (YSL)

My beautiful pumps are ready for walking, a lot of it! Taking them along with me because they are so comfortable.

Also taking my small camera for those nights out with friends. Of course I will take my Canon SLR to capture the better moments.

Unfortunately this time I won't be taking my laptop therefore I wont be posting abroad but I promise as soon as I'm back I'll post all those amazing moments spent in the beautiful city of Porto and my home town also, so keep reading guys and I shall see you Friday evening.

Yours truly,
Mickey Boots

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  1. great shoes!
    xx tania