Sunday, 1 January 2012

English Rose

The last day of 2011 was spent in good company and in a great location; Windsor. A city full of English heritage and of course beautiful. Yesterday I decided to go for a stroll and maybe a little bit of shopping also with a special friend, well my best friend; Becca. I just love Windsor!! Its so relaxing to go for a stroll alongside the river and then later do some shopping in the high street and might as well while Im there visit Windsor Castel. So much to do in such a small town. I must admit it was a good ending to 2011. 

Today's outfit was a mix of casual plus chic; a comfortable yet trendy combination with some essential accessories. 

Chelsea boots: a must have for winter! If you dont have a pair, go shopping immediately. Mine were only £36 from Topshop and for those of you that hold a valid student card then you get a further 10% discount, so worth it!

Accessories always manage to make any outfit stand out that little bit further. I love rings, I consider them to be my favourite type of accessory. 

My beautiful best friend Becca to whom I thank the amazing company to.

Why not stop for a hot chocolate and cupcake in style? 

And finally but not least the historical Windsor Castle. In fact a lovely day, let's hope 2012 brings me and all you beautiful people of the world even more amazing days. But remember to make sure you spend them in style!

Yours truly,
Mickey Boots

Gilet - Zara
Body - River Island
High-waisted shorts - Topshop
Chelsea boots - Topshop
Sunglasses - Mango
Cross Ring - Miss Selfridge
Gold Ring - H&M
Handbag - Longchamp

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