Tuesday, 10 January 2012

To Porto and back

Dear Readers,

I sincerely apologize for the lateness of this post but you can't even come to imagine how busy I have been with work and university assignments that are due in. 
I got back from Portugal on Friday evening, it was a nice relaxing 2 days back home. I saw friends, past lovers and enjoy the Portuguese air, truly relaxing. However the 2 days went so fast which was disappointing but however is better than not going at all I guess.
I didn't manage to take many photos since on the first 2 days the whether wasn't so good. However here are some of the photos that I did take, just for you to take a glimpse of where I come from.


Yours truly,
Mickey Boots

Happy Face: The joy of being home

The view from my bedroom window: breathtaking 

Grandparents' garden

Northern Portugal = The best!

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