Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New In: Summer Sandals

Summer is closely approaching which means one thing, we NEED a new wardrobe!! Well at least I know I can not go through summer with last summer's clothes! (Girl issues) So even though here in rain central aka London the weather doesn't actually permit us women to wear summer clothes and accessories, I have begun to build up my new wardrobe anyway! Better to be over prepared than under prepared - fact!

So since I am a recognised shoe addict, I have begun by purchasing some new summer sandals and what better store to visit than Zara (my favourite high street brand). I am in love with their new collection and the shoes are to die for! So I bought two pairs already which caught my eye and have a list of others to buy in the future.

This season the monochrome trend is back and bigger than ever, almost every brand has a monochrome collection. So in order to fit in with the monochrome vibe, i bought the amazing monochrome straw one-strap sandals (first photo), they were a mere £39.99 which I personally think is such a cheap price for a pair of heels! I had fallen in love with them when I walked into Zara a couple of weeks ago and thought "these have my name written all over them!" so I had to buy them, unfortunately my local store no longer had my size so i had to order them online and to be delivered into the store, now Zara offer store delivery which is free of charge! It's amazing! More reasons to shop - sorry, I am such a bad influencer! The second pair I saw the other day, they are such a comfortable pair of sandals and a staple buy since they match with so many other garments! They were also £39.99 - bargain!

Thank you for reading and remember to come back soon!

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