Sunday, 10 March 2013


I'm an Instagram addict! I literally love it, it has definitely become one of my daily duties, both to check Instagram updates and to post a photo a day for my followers. After a couple of months of using it I began to think it would be amazing to get some of these printed and use them to decorate my room (it was getting boring, and needed a bit of a change). So I by chance googled it and Prinstagram appeared! Printstagram is a company that dedicate themselves to printing instagram photos and they ship them across the world. After looking into the company and finding out that one of my favourite bloggers has used it before, I thought it would be safe to order myself some. They offer a range of services but I just ordered some small prints because that was the size that I needed for now.

After receiving all 144 photos which I ordered (yes i know, thats a hell of a lot of photos but I just love them all!) I decided to put my creative mind to work and create a heart on my wall of instagram photos, what do you think? Obviously I still had quite a few left over, so I just put the rest on my wardrobe.

The heart cushion was my parents wedding ring cushion, i thought it looked cute.

If your interested in ordering or just taking a look at what Printstagram offer just click on the link below.

Yours truly,

Mickey Boots



  1. Miky that's awesome!! Im gonna do it nowww!!

  2. Love the printstagram heart! Creative way to display photos.

    Just came across your your style! Was hoping you could check out my corner of the internet (I blog with my sister) at

    Would you like to follow each other?