Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Stiletto Mode

My all time favourite type of shoe is a pair of platform heels but not until recently have I begun to love stilettos. So this post has been dedicated to my favourite pair of stilettos that I own.
You would never think that stilettos would be comfortable but these are one of the comfiest pair of heels that I own! I could literally run about in them all day, I now know why Carrie Bradshaw was always wearing stilettos (was having a sex & the city moment, I am obsessed!).

A really comfortable yet chic look. The studded-stilettos and black Burberry trench coat make the outfit by far and are two of my favourite items within my wardrobe.
And not forgetting to mention that stilettos will NEVER go out of fashion, well I really hope they don't or I shall be one unhappy lady (sobbing already about the thought of it).

Outfit: Jeans - Topshop , Trend coat - Burberry (old) , Mesh-knit jumper - Topshop (old), Stilettos - Zara (last season), Leather Tote - Zara , Necklace - H&M , Sunglasses - Ray-ban via ASOS 

Yet another university day passed, only two months to go until I am finally finished with studying. It is both exciting and scary, exciting because the world will be at my feet to finally explore what I want to do but scary to no longer be a student and lead a much more responsible lifestyle, gosh I'm actually starting to think like my mother. I will definitely miss the crazy student life but its about time that I get down to business and pursue my dream career within fashion. 

Above is my best friend aka wife Mikki, thought she deserved a mention since she is one of my personal photographers and I admire her style and aspirations to life, such an inspirational friend which I love dearly.

Keep tuned in for more up coming posts and thank you all beautiful people for reading!

Yours truly,



Photos by Mikki Pham

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