Friday, 9 December 2011

Electric Blue

Decided to add a little colour to my all-black outfit especially since it was looking a little dull. The blazer added an electric feel that made the outfit come to life. I bought this beautiful blazer from Mango the other day for £79.90. I just couldn't help myself, it was a must buy, had already been thinking about it for days! Yes, I do daydream about clothes, which probably is ridiculous but I can't control it!! But I'm sure 75% of women do it also but just can't admit it to themselves.

Once again I wore my knee high boots with this outfit, I just cant get enough of them. They always seem to make my outfits that little bit more fashionable. I recommend all ladies to have a pair, I have two! A flat pair and a pair of high-heeled knee high boots. They are a MUST for winter!

Added some jewellery also, both necklace and ring are crosses, I have an obsession with them lately, no I'm not religious like some of my work friends claim, I mean I am of course but the use of these items are purely for fashion reasons.
I always feel like I never have enough jewellery, I shouldn't really admit this but every time I go out and get drunk, I always lose a piece of jewellery or break it! Really need to stop doing that since buying new jewellery every week can become a little expensive especially if its the same piece as before.

Yours truly, Mickey boots

Outfit: Dress - Topshop, Blazer - Mango, Knee-high boots - New Look, Jewellery - Miss Selfridge, Waisted belt - Primark

Images @ Micaela Pereira

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