Wednesday, 7 December 2011

GaGa and Corpse Bride hit the town

After 1 month since Halloween I finally get the photos off my best friend Mikki, better late than never I guess.
Yes, my best friend's name is Mikki, weird much? Maybe, but I think of it as destiny.
So Halloween I decided to dress up as Lady GaGa and Mikki as corpse bride, apart from the fact that the wig that I had purchased didn't actually fit so I had to be a brunette version for the night. I bought the costume off ebay for £28.99 which included the dress, mask and wig. The leather gloves are my own (Mango @ £34.90).

We decided to go to a student event called "F*ck me it's halloween!" in Elephant & Castle - London. It actually ended up being amazing, we danced the night away and enjoyed a party event just the two of us. A last minute decision but totally worth it.

Mikki (Above) looking scary as ever. Going to miss her so much when she jets off to Japan for a semester abroad. "Sad face"

Yours truly, Mickey boots

Images @ Mikki Pham

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