Saturday, 24 December 2011

Work on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a day dedicated to family time however for me I am working which sucks big time. At times I really hate my job (Cashier at Mango). Today I am working 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening which isn't all that bad but I would rather be with family but life is tough and we have to put up with it. 
Currently I am living away from London at my parents for the holiday period, therefore this means travelling up to London for work takes a little longer than usual. 
I spend my time on the train reading, currently I am reading Coco Chanel's biography which is really interesting, every time I go to London I actually get excited to catch up on my reading which may sound geekish but I recommend this book to everyone! Seriously, a must read especially for all you fashionistas of the world. 
Along with reading comes warm clothes since winter in England in December is extremely cold so it is essential to stock up on warm clothes and accessories. Or trust me you will get sick! No joke, please don't leave the house in a t-shirt and leather jacket because you WILL get sick, trust me I know from personal experience. 
Well I guess I'm off to work. Keep on reading.

Yours truly, 
Mickey Boots

Faux Fur Scarf - £12.99 H&M
Leather Black Bow Gloves - £34.90 Mango
Coco Chanel: A biography by Axel Madsen - £6.99 Amazon

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