Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Slight Shoe Addiction

In the past week I have managed to buy myself 2 pairs of shoes and intend on buying another pair this week, seriously what is wrong with me?! I just cant seem to get enough, I truly believe that shoe purchases = happiness, well at least for me.
Being a fashion student can be competitive in the fact that people can compete by what they wear and who is the most fashionable at university. Well this is how I feel at times when I come to uni: am I under dressed? Am I overdressed? Am I trendy? So many questions I ask myself. Therefore I understand the constant need for new product purchases; to keep up with new trends or in my case addiction.

Studded slipper £28 @ Topshop

Platform lace-up ankle boots £60 @ ASOS

I thought it would be a great idea to start posting my purchases on here, maybe I can encourage readers to buy these products, which would be great because I would feel like yes I am going in the right direction and do consider myself to be fashionable and trendy.

Yours truly, Mickey boots

Images @ Micaela Pereira

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