Thursday, 8 December 2011

Xmas dinner outfit

For those of you that know me well, you have probably realised I'm wearing leopard print (again!). Yes I'm officially obsessed! I have so many garments that are leopard print, whenever I'm out shopping with friends and they see something leopard print they would usually automatically say "Micaela, you'll love this!".

So for the Christmas dinner with the girls, I decided to wear something comfortable but trendy also. As you can see I'm wearing knee high boots, which are very trendy this season along with a leopard print shirt which is a print which I believe to be always in trend. Then my comfortable but tight high-waisted shorts which I love, love, love. I admit I look a little simple but I love it, sometimes its better to be simple rather than over the top. And the event isn't formal so I thought this would be the appropriate outfit.

Yours truly, Mickey boots

Black studded knee high boots - New Look, High-waisted shorts - Topshop, Leopard print shirt - H&M, Jewellery - Miss Selfridge

Images @ Micaela Pereira

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